Brayford gives green light to degradeable packaging

Flexible packaging manufacturer Brayford is encouraging its customers to switch to more environmentally-responsible packaging.

It can now supply produce totally degradable film and bags and is asking customers to consider degradable polyethylene bags as the first option for both repeat jobs and new projects.

The company extrudes, converts and prints film as well as manufacturing finished bags at its state-of-the-art factory in Lincoln. Symphony Environmental's d2w pro-degradant additive is combined with plastic resins during the extrusion process. The food-safe film gradually degrades completely and safely into water, carbon dioxide and harmless residues when it is subjected to heat, light or stress.

The technology has been devised to break down the packaging in a pre-determined period rather than centuries taken by conventional plastic bags. The altered formulation does not compromise the functionality or print quality expected of the product during its normal shelf life and usage. It can also be recycled.

Richard Allam, senior sales co-ordinator. "We can easily convert most customers' regular products to a totally degradable product. It is especially suitable for packing frozen food, because the degradation process is slowed down below a certain temperature.

"There's also a real competitive advantage for companies featuring a product in a bag that is engineered ultimately to disappear totally and safely," he adds.