Trace of progress in software

Avery Weigh Tronix is launching new product traceability software for the food processing industry.

The company claims that this stand alone system, designed to provide complete traceability along the foodchain, provides an easily integrated solution for small and medium sized companies.

The software is a material tracing system and is Microsoft Windows based. Every item associated with the end product is allocated a unique identity number on receipt. Whenever that material is used or sold it is traced by reference to this number.

Using the system, a product is tracked through production and distribution. In addition the components of a finished product can be revealed and the full history of the use of these ingredients in other products can be traced.

This meets the latest EU General Food Law Regulations 178/2002 and the principle of "one forward, one back". The legislation demands proof of traceability such as details of where materials are sourced, how they have been changed or added to during processing and to where products are forwarded or dispatched.

The software can be integrated with scales, bar code readers and bar code printers for automated data capture.