Accreditation for Celsius

CELSIUS, A temperature measurement system, from Loma Scientific has been awarded accreditation from CCFRA (Camden and Chorleywood Food Research Association), the UK's largest independent research and development organisation for the food and drinks i


The system was developed to accurately sense the temperature of chilled and frozen food packs through the use of microwave thermometry. Microwave thermometry revolutionises the temperature testing of chilled and frozen foods due to the non-contact and non-destructive nature of the process that eliminates the need for intrusive probes, which invariably destroys the product and leads to significant wastage and cost implications.

Celsius' results followed a five-month test period by CCFRA. which examined the product's performance under a range of industry conditions. Tests included monitoring the repeatability and accuracy of temperature measurement on various food weights, positions,shapes and packaging, and examined what the effects on the accuracy of food temperature measurement were, if any, when environmental temperatures were changed.