Stafford Manufacturing Corporation

Stafford Manufacturing Corporation is offering plastic clamp-type shaft collars, for use in industrial machinery, in an exact material match to other system components.

They are machined from Teflon, nylon and other thermoplastics.

Developed to be chemical- and solvent-resistant for applications requiring frequent wash-downs, the shaft collars are offered in one- and two-piece styles in sizes from 6.35mm to 102mm.

Supplied with stainless steel clamping screws, the collars are suitable for applications such as food processing equipment, conveyors and packaging machinery. The cost varies according to material, size and quantity.

Jim Swiezynski, sales director, said: "Stafford's advantages include the ability to produce custom designs in small (starting at one) to large quantities. We will also provide design assistance if required." Literature and quotations are available from the company on request.