Exporting? You will need a new trailer

If you attended the Better Returns Beef Focus at the Royal Show, you might have been inspired to enter the beef export market.

The exhibition was there to give information and advice to those in the industry about making the most of this opportunity.

If you transport meat, you may be thinking about buying a new refrigerated meat-hanging trailer. Trailers age fast and usually have to be replaced every six years, when the Agreement on Transport of Perishable Foodstuffs (ATP) certificate runs out. This usually means new trailers.

One company capitalising on this is specialist haulier Hayward Brothers, based in Shropshire. It has invested in the latest meat-hanging trailers from SOR-Iberica.

Richard Hayward explained: "We started our upgrading programme 12-months ago in anticipation of the ban being lifted. With a 1,500-litre fuel capacity, the trailer weight is critical. The SOR trailer is lighter than many competitive offerings but more robust in construction. The attention to detail throughout the bodywork makes it an obvious choice for hygiene and cleaning. The internal surfaces are smooth and uniform, with no sharp corners or crevices. The tensile rear frame is mechanically fixed and chemically bonded to the fridge body, providing excellent stability with no flexing on winding roads," he added.