A ready-meals

manufacturer has discovered a good solution for shifting heavy equipment.

Rowan Foods, based in Wrexham, used to hav e to move its 1,500kg pressure vessels by hand. This meant three employees would have to leave their duties to move the vessel from a filling station to a weighing scale and then on to the food assembly line.

It took time and hard physical work and the company wanted to find a quicker and safer way of doing the job.

Rowan Foods invested in two electric tugs from MasterMover International, which have been customised for their purposes. The operation now requires just one member of staff and takes five minutes as opposed to seven.

Engineering supervisor, Stuart McGill summed up the impact the machines have had on the production line. "This part of the job used to be a bit of a struggle," he said, "but the machines are great. They've made things a lot easier."