FP Packaging Machinery's multi-lane denester

FP Packaging Machinery's multi-lane denester can hold up to 12 trays at a time while they are being filled with products.

It is reliable, according to its manufacturer, flexible and able to hold different numbers of trays at the same time, depending on what it is being used for.

While the trays are being held in place, a six-axis robot automatically places the product onto the trays.

The operational speed is 180 trays a minute in the 12-lane format. In the six-lane format, it is capable of operating speeds of 90 trays a minute.

Robust pull-out side plates allow quick and easy conversion from 12 to six lane, according to its manufacturer, and the machine allows the first trays loaded to softly move down to the magazine gates without falling over and without the intervention of an operator.