BSL Gas Technologies

Gas mixing systems that mix different gases used in modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) are now available from BSL Gas Technologies.

Mixing gases at the point of use is cheaper, said BSL, and is a more efficient way of buying gas. Mixed gases in cylinders tend to be more expensive than pure gases in cylinders, while pure gases in cylinders tend to be more expensive than liquid gases supplied in bulk.

A gas mixing system from BSL allows packers to use pure gases supplied in bulk liquid form, which works out cheaper than purchasing pre-mixed gases in cylinders.

Gas mixing systems from BSL Gas Technologies can accurately mix different gases, which are then used in the MAP process. The systems can be supplied to dispense a fixed ratio of gases or variable ratios to suit different needs. The standard panel has been designed to suit almost any food packaging application.

Installation is easy and no buffer tank is required, said the firm. The systems are entirely mechanical.