A new smoking oven has affected an Edinburgh meat wholesaler in ways described as "revolutionary".

Lawrie Malone, director of the Scottish family business Malone of Edinburgh, said: "It has brought us into the 21st century."

The new Spako oven, from Euro-Food Machinery, smokes up to 200kg of bacon in just two hours. The old, traditional oven would have taken more than 13 hours and occupied an area the size of a garage. The only way it could be cleaned was to blow-torch and scrape the walls.

The new oven uses Amcan Forest Smoke, produced from sawdust and wood chips, both by-products of the American timber industry. In a special process that removes virtually all of the tar and heavy oils, it is condensed into a liquid form.

"I took the bacon home for my family to try," said Malone. "They genuinely could not tell the difference. I sensed then it could be the answer for us."