EC Compliant Design for Cavity Pumps

Netzsch Pumps' range of cavity pumps for the food industry has been designed to meet or exceed EC Machinery regulations.

Improvements mean the pump body is now bolted to the bearing housing, forming an integral pressure-containing component.

As well as providing additional rigidity and easier access for maintenance, the design allows the pump to operate in forward or reverse directions at the same pressure.

The tie rods, which in conventional designs run the length of the pump and can tighten or loosen due to changes in temperature, now only retain the stator. As well as allowing pumps to operate over a wider range of temperatures, this feature also makes maintenance much easier.

Depending on system requirements, designers can also specify two hygienic drive options - a flexible connecting rod or a new, simpler open pin-joint design that does not use a spring retainer.

Netzsch said these features are a significant improvement on current progressing cavity pump technology.