Insect extermination company Insectron has launched a new series of glue boards, called

I-Boards, for use in its insect exterminators.

Specifically designed to attract, catch and kill flies and other flying insects, the I-Boards allow users to quickly determine how many insects have been caught, which is useful for HACCP procedures, said the company. The boards have eight large squares sub-divided into 200 smaller squares. This means the insects on 10 small squares can be counted and multiplied by 20, giving an accurate estimate of the total number and type of insects.

The new I-Boards have 20% more adhesive surface than previous versions and are coloured yellow, which research has shown is the most effective colour for attracting flying insects, particularly flies. In addition, an insect-attracting pheromone is concentrated in the centre of each board, ensuring a stronger attraction potential for the entire lifetime of the board - up to three months.