Playtime at the ranch

At the Reiser stand, play-dough was the main attraction. The brightly coloured putty was being used to demonstrate the capabilities of Holac dicers by being fed into the machines. Uniform cubes and slices of pink and yellow play-dough, representing meat and cheese, travelled down conveyors, leading grown men into the temptation of plucking a cube or slice off the moving belt. For some, resistance was futile.

Chris Ellis, the administration manager on the stand, said: "It was our first time and we thought it went very well. We like to show our machines running so we had the play-dough making burger patties to demonstrate how they work."

The Holac dicers on display at Pro2Pac featured an automatic pre-press system to ensure cube uniformity for fresh meats. The cutting grids are easy to change, said Ellis, and the machines offer portion sizes ranging from 3mm to 60mm, with production rates of up to 10,000lb per hour. Models are available as manual, semi-automatic and fully-automatic machines and can process meat, cheese, vegetables and, should you so wish, play-dough.