X-ray on the road

A leading x-ray specialist took to the road recently to demonstrate some of the latest technologies for the food sector.

Mettler Toledo Safeline roadshow gave food customers the unique opportunity to gain hands-on experience of the latest x-ray technology for contamination detection. Starting in the South of England and heading North, the Safeline demonstration van showcased the latest x-ray equipment with on-site demonstrations.

The van contained two state-of-the-art x-ray machines. The AdvanCheK x-ray inspection system is designed to withstand harsh wash down environments.

The company claimed: "This machine is a powerful yet economical x-ray inspection unit that detects multiple contaminants such as metal, stone, bone, glass and dense plastics."

Also in the van was the InspireX R20 x-ray inspection system, which the company said detects and rejects many contaminants as well as scans for missing and broken products, detects package voids and checks fill levels to guarantee product and package integrity.

The company said the tour proved a big success, allowing companies to get an update on the latest equipment without taking too much time out of the business.