Lloyd Instruments' new 5-Blade

Lloyd Instruments has introduced a new five-blade version of the Kramer Type Shear Cell for use with the Lloyd Instruments TAPlus texture analyzer.

The new accessory is an alternative to the conventional 10-blade configuration and is designed for measuring the bulk shear and extrusion forces of meat, fruit, cereals, fruit fittings, baked beans, coleslaw and many more

This is particuarly helpful where the samples have irregular shapes and sizes and forces expected are too high for the traditional 10-blade version, the company said.

The new Kramer Type Shear Cell comprises five parallel steel blades, which are driven down through guide slots into a rectangular container with corresponding slots in the base.

The sample is sheared, compressed and extruded through the bottom openings.

Since the blades are set further apart than on the 10-blade version, there is a reduction in the force of bulk shearing or compression on samples with many particles or foods with non-uniform texture.

The new accessory operates from ambient temperature up to 100°C with a maximum capacity of 102 kgf (225 lbf) and a minimum load cell of 10.2 kgf (22.5 lbf). It is fitted with a spill container, which can also be used with the 10-blade version.

The package includes steel blades and base fixture. and must be used in combination with the Base Table for the TAPlus Texture Analyser.

The use of the latest NEXYGENPlus V2.0 materials test and control software with the TAPlus texture analyzer allows testing to be fully automated and complete texture profile analysis to be performed.