ZAP YOUR KNIVES CLEAN in an ozone cabinet

It is the law that food businesses must disinfect their utensils every 24 hours.

Chemicals and hot water are the usual way this is done, but another possible way to ensure your knives are safe is to use an ozone generating cabinet. Ozone generating cabinets create bursts of 2,000 volts of electricity which kill all bacteria.

Manufacturers of such cabinets claim they are cheap to operate with a 5w power consumption and are environmentally friendly. They are also 100% effective at disinfecting knives. As Knife Wizard, a company which makes such cabinets, points out, if food contamination is traced to unhygienic preparation utensils, the legal ramifications could be catastrophic.

Knife Wizard sells Biozoner Cabinets, which disinfect knives during a 30 minute cycle. They are available in two sizes to accept between six and 20 knives.

Cabinets are made from stainless steel with transparent polycarbonate doors. They are wall mounted to save counter space and look simple and attractive so can be used on the shop floor. Prices start from £784 + VAT.