Looking Outward

EU proposes labelling system with marks for good animal


THE CURRENT state of the World Trade Organisation (WTO) negotiations was set out at the MLC Outlook Conference 2006 together with the implications for EU and UK red meat industries.

Guest speakers informed more than 120 meat industry delegates of the details the industry could potentially face.

Heinrich Hick, from the European Commission spoke about the run up to the most recent round of WTO talks in Hong Kong and the results of the negotiations and Andy Lebrecht, Director General, Sustainable Farming, Food and Fisheries, Defra, gave the UK Governments view on WTO negotiations. Liz Murphy, of EM Consultants, spoke about the implications for the red meat industry in working towards a new WTO agreement and Steve Ellwood, head of agriculture for HSBC Bank, gave a presentation about the state of the industry in light of CAP reform and WTO.

Other industry speakers forecast the outlook for 2006 for the EU and UK pig, sheep and cattle sectors. Kevin Roberts, director general at the MLC, said the imminent changes in further trade liberalisation on top of CAP reform posed a number of challenges for the industry but also offered a number of opportunities.