LIPS score with belly smash

Pork belly with a rhubarb compote served with leed and potato mash was a smash for Ladies in Pigs at the Newark Show.

The show president, the off-duty Chief Constable, and an MP were button-holed by LIPs Nottinghamshire chairman Julia Blant who promoted British pork and lobbied for all meat sold on the showground to be British. The show was a great success for LIPs as their stand won, not only best agricultural stand at the show, but took the cup for best stand at the show overall.

Julia said: "We were really pleased to have won but the star of the show was the pork belly with rhubarb compote and leek and potato mash. Everyone loved that. The other receipes were also well received and I really liked the idea of mixing the flavours of vegetable served with meat and sauce - it worked well. It was also excellent timing to highlight our theme of locally produced food, as a food miles, local food campaign was launched at the show."