Fresh from the farm
Published:  01 July, 2008

A brand new 'Fresh From The Farm' promotional pack has been produced by EBLEX to help assured beef farmers

A brand new 'Fresh From The Farm' promotional pack has been produced by EBLEX to help assured beef farmers, working in conjunction with Quality Standard scheme abattoirs, to sell Quality Standard beef direct to the public.

The beef pack was produced following positive feedback after a similar pack for Quality Standard lamb was launched last year. The packs aim to increase retail sales for assured farmers - including those who do not have their own shop or outlet.

Dick van Leeuwen, project manager for EBLEX, said: "Box schemes are an exciting opportunity for assured beef and sheep producers to tap into potential market opportunities, particularly given the growing consumer interest in food provenance and food quality.

"This has traditionally been a difficult area for farmers to exploit, because of the marketing input and business development skills required. Access to available abattoir capacity and matching product availability with an appropriate customer base are also issues that need to be looked at carefully. It's a selling option that will clearly suit certain types of assured farm businesses.

"These 'Fresh from the Farm' packs are unique, as they give assured producers a step-by-step guide to setting up and promoting a successful box scheme - and encourage additional business for abattoirs, particularly those in the small and medium-sized sector."

Available from participating Quality Standard Scheme abattoirs, the beef packs contain a yield information booklet, setting out the typical breakdown of an R3 300kg carcase into primal cuts, and a cutting specification booklet, containing full specifications for all the cuts available to the customer.

Costing guidelines for producers and a price flyer template have also been provided on a CD contained within the pack.

In addition, farmers receive marketing materials, such as posters and sales leaflets with recipe suggestions. Large outdoor banners are available on request to help participating farmers promote the fact they are selling beef 'Fresh From the Farm'.

Abattoirs, processors and farm shops must be assured and registered with the EBLEX Quality Standard scheme to take part, and farmers must be a member of a recognised farm assurance scheme.