The Royal Welsh Show

The RWS was marked by both tragedy and farce last week, but the one thing most people will agree is that it was an overall success.

While the celebrations may have been muted by the death of a young, 19-year-old farmer, who drowned while swimming in the River Severn, the show is reported to have broken all records from attendance, despite the soaring temperatures.

Unlike its English counterpart, the Royal Show held at Stoneleigh, Warwickshire, earlier in the month, the crowds were far from put-off by the heat, which reached a high of 37°C on the Tuesday, with nearly 240,000 people attending over the four days.

The record-breaking attendance was more than 6,500 higher than the previous record year in 1995, the Royal Welsh Agricultural Society reported. Perhaps the question the organisers of the Royal Show should be asking themselves is, what went wrong?

The Royal reported a downturn in visitor numbers of 5%, although many traders at the show believe the figures to be higher, and the drop-off was attributed to the weather.

Yet if the Royal Welsh Show, which suffered even greater heat conditions, could significantly increase its attendance, then perhaps hard questions need to be asked.

Of course, the Royal Show did not have some of the highlights of the Royal Welsh, , which ranged from roof-top farmer protests to impromptu strip shows in cattle sheds, featuring sheep shearing poles.

Who knows, it might well be a strategy to adopt!