Looking for a reduction in red tape

The meat industry is seeking a rationalisation of legislation to lessen its administrative burdens.

That was the message from Laurent Spanghero who was re-elected president of the UECBV for a further term of three years.

He said companies had noticed "an inflation of legislative norms at a time when international competition in the dynamic trade globalisation is sharpening". His members were therefore looking for a simplification of their regulatory and administrative environment.

Spanghero also reasserted UECBV's willingness to preserve food supply security. It agreed on research data showing that climatic evolution, water management and animal diseases will have a major impact on agricultural products and therefore on supply, he said. "UECBV is convinced of the fact that these will become a major strategic stake. It must be included among the priorities that the European institutions and member states have, notably within a review of the CAP in 2008."

He added it was all the more urgent to make food supply security a priority, given the fact that, in several sectors, in particular the meat sector, the degree of self-sufficiency declines every year.