Scots Christmas carcase show

Plans are forging ahead for the 2006 Christmas carcase show at Scotch Premier Meat Ltd in Inverurie next month.

This year's event, which has seen a rise of entries in both the sheep and pig sections (126 and 64 respectively) will feature around 150 cattle. While the cattle and pigs will be judged at Scotch Premier Meat Ltd's Inverurie premise, the sheep will be judged at Highland Lamb in Dornoch.

Taking place on Monday, 4 December the show will be officially opened by Quality Meat Scotland (QMS) chief executive 'Uel Morton and attended by nearly 80 Scotch Premier Meat Ltd customers from across the UK. Alan Woodward from Henfield and Brian Randalls from London, will be the judges.

Commenting on the event Morton said: "It's very encouraging to see the increasing number of entries for this year's show. This is a well-established industry event that brings together producers who are skilled in producing world-class livestock. It's also a valuable opportunity to further develop an understanding of what the customer wants in an increasingly competitive and dynamic marketplace."

Scotch Premier Meat Ltd managing director Raymond Wight added: "This provides a wonderful opportunity for producers and customers to meet, and for our customers to visit Scotch Premier to see the high quality of our beef, lamb and pork that is produced in the north of Scotland."

The show will open to the public at 1.30pm on 4 December with the official opening by Morton at 2pm. This will be followed by the auction of prize-winning carcases.