Vion promotes its convenience line-up at show

Vion used Anuga as an opportunity to showcase its latest advances down the added-value and convenience roads.

The company is keen to reposition itself as a food company, said Robert Smith, head of marketing and communications. "The first thing to note about the stand is the absence of dead animals. There's still meat on display, but we're placing the emphasis that we're a food group. We're not walking away from our core business, it's a key part, but it's not now the only part of the business."

Alongside the range of convenience lines, retail packs and added value products, one of Vion's key new launches is the Power Runner, a meat-based snack enriched with L-Carnitine, magnesium, calcium and probiotic cultures. The product, which was awarded an Taste-07 innovation award at the show, is to be marketed as a savoury energy bar.

Vion was also promoting its Party-Salamis, a pack of snack-sized different flavoured salamis, individually wrapped like chocolates in a party bowl-style packaging. "I think all these products have lots of possibility on the UK market," said Smith. "The reactions we've had to the products have been very positive."

Vion will also be branching into gammon for the first time in the UK market, and the latest products, featuring easy-open packaging, were on display at the show. "We've not done gammons before," said Smith, "but we had all skills necessary within the group to develop them. They're going into a major UK retailer now, under the Key Country label initially."