NOAH to host food chain conference

The National Office of Animal Health (NOAH) is hosting its third Food Chain Conference at The Royal Society in London on Wednesday, 25 February, 2009.

The conference will bring together those involved in food processing, retailing

and development, as well as producers, regulators and scientists to hear a varied programme of presentations under the conference's banner - 'The role of

vaccination in animal health - future technology and societal acceptance'.

Since the last NOAH food chain conference in 2006, the UK has seen the emergence

of bluetongue, a further outbreak of foot-and-mouth and numerous cases of avian influenza. These diseases have all brought the use of vaccination into sharp


The event will examine not only changing attitudes towards the use of vaccination, but also the role that vaccination can play in mitigating new and emerging diseases.

To support the programme, NOAH has again commissioned consumer research into attitudes to animal medicines, in particular vaccination - an area of confusion for the public in 2006.

Following opening comments from former chief veterinary officer Fred Landeg, who will chair the day, NOAH chief executive Phil Sketchley will deliver an overview of the conference and put the programme's content into context for delegates.

The programme will include presentations by speakers including Cedric Porter of Supply Intelligence; Peter Mertens of the Institute for Animal Health; Ruth Griffiths of Vion Food Group; and Gerardine Padbury of the IGD, who will present the new consumer research.

Delegates will also hear presentations from Steve Dean, of the Veterinary Medicines Directorate, case studies exploring the 'Role and Benefits of Vaccination' and a presentation on 'Societal and Regulatory Interactions in Vaccine Development by Professor Joyce Tait.

The event will end with an open discussion, where delegates will have the opportunity to talk about some of the issues raised at the conference.