100 not out for NFU Cymru

The National Farmers Union of Wales (NFU Cymru) will be celebrating 100 years in business in Cardiff next week with a two-day celebratory Centenary Conference.

NFU Cymru President, Dai Davies, will open the conference which is being held at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff on Wednesday, November 26 and Thursday, November 27.

Davies said: "This is an opportunity to put the calamities of recent years behind us, remind ourselves of what NFU Cymru has achieved over the past century, but above all to look forward to what I am determined will be an even brighter future.

"Of all of Wales' great 'old' industries, none has come through the 20th century in better shape than farming. The industry is still hugely productive and hugely important. Much of the credit for that belongs to the farming families who make up the industry and who have shown quite remarkable resilience and adaptability in the face of huge change and sometimes great difficulties.

"But, NFU Cymru which represents nearly 15,000 members here in Wales, deserves enormous credit as well, for uniting thousands of small, disparate businesses into a single strong lobbying voice to achieve the outcomes that farming has needed."

Elin Jones AM, the Welsh Assembly Minister for Rural Affairs, will deliver the keynote address during the afternoon session on the first day of the conference.

Mike Petersen, Chairman of Meat and Wool, New Zealand, will be the first guest speaker during the afternoon session on Wednesday, November 26.

NFU Cymru is then fortunate enough to have Dyfrig John, the Deputy Chairman and Chief Executive of HSBC Bank plc, as the after-dinner speaker. Dyfrig, originally from West Wales, will give his thoughts on the world financial picture for the months and years ahead.

The following morning's session, November 27, will be opened by Padraig Walsh, the President of the Irish Farmers Association, who will give an Irish viewpoint on the agricultural industry. He will be followed by Wayne Powell, the new Director of IBERS (Institute of Biological, Environmental and Rural Sciences) in Aberystwyth, who will talk about his plans for IBERS and how they will fit in with the agricultural scene over the next few years.