Make mine a halal-mac

McDonald's is considering offering products made from halal and kosher meat in its UK outlets although the scale of the challenge means currently it is a long-term project for which there is no current launch date.

The fast food giant is looking at how its supply chain and production processes could be changed. A spokeswoman for McDonald's said the chain was taking a long-term look at possible ways of introducing the products.

McDonald's chief executive, Steve Easterbrook, said: "It's a really complicated area. Different religious groups have slightly different interpretations of what halal meat is and we want to get that right.

"And also there are serious questions we've got to ask with regard to animal welfare in preparing halal meat. I don't want to make a promise and say we will do it, and then not deliver on that. But we are taking a very serious look at it.

"We will continue to consider anything that is relevant to people in society and if there is a growing base of consumers who are looking for halal meat then we've got to take that seriously."

The McDonald's spokesperson added that the fast-food chain had the highest standards of animal welfare in their supply chain and would not compromise on these and would not consider ritual slaughter.

The spokesperson added other considerations to take into account when looking at introducing halal meat onto the McDonald's menu included transport, storage and restaurant equipment.