Karoocuisine targets UK

A South African supplier is hoping for success in the UK foodservice market with the launch of an innovative new meal solution.

The Karoolamb shanks, from Karoocuisine, are fully cooked using the sous vide method of cooking and can be stored in ambient conditions, with a shelf life of up to 12 months, claimed Alistair Ross, director of importer Gallus Trading, which was exhibiting at the World Food Market last week.

The pasteurised product, which is supplied in a sealed bag in two flavours - red wine and rosemary and mint and rosemary - simply needs to be heated in the microwave for five minutes, he said.

"The product comes in three different sizes, from 375g up to 525g," said Ross. "It's made from South African Karoo lamb, which has a unique flavour as the lambs feed on herbs out in the bush."

Gallus, in partnership with Karoocuisine's parent company Klein Karoo, is also hoping to generate demand in the UK for ostrich meat. Klein Karoo is the world's largest ostrich farmer, said Ross, and while the meat is a mainstream staple in South Africa, it remains an exotic curiosity in the UK.

"It has virtually no cholesterol and is lower in fat than either chicken or turkey," Ross explained. "It's often eaten as an alternative to beef and should be considered more a red meat than poultry."