Festive haggis for Orient-Express

Scotland's traditional dish will be a warming feature of the festive menu aboard two Orient-Express UK trains this Christmas.

The British Pullman carriages of the Orient-Express and its sister train Northern Belle will see Macsween's world-famous haggis feature as a starter dish on their master chef menu.

Famous for its opulent carriages and fine dining experience, the Orient-Express will be serving Macsween Haggis in a modern mix of traditional dishes - A Haggis Herb Cake - a marvellous combination of half Yorkshire pudding, half mashed potato, haggis and fresh herbs, all baked in the oven, and served with a winter leaf salad and spicy dressing.

Jo Macsween, of Macsween, said: "Part of being involved in the food industry is supporting new ideas and helping your product to evolve.

"I constantly enjoy hearing, tasting and seeing new haggis recipes and the fact Macsween haggis will be enjoyed in such beautiful surroundings makes this Haggis Herb Cake even more delicious a proposition.

"The Orient-Express is the epitome of class and we believe our haggis makes an exceptional companion."

The Orient-Express name has been synonymous with the ultimate in luxury and service for over 25 years. Orient-Express owns and manages hotels, trains, cruises and restaurants in some of the most magical locations the planet has to offer.