Taste of France awaits young chefs

Leading game and specialist food supplier, Braehead Foods, and wine merchant, Gourmet Classic, are inviting 50 young chefs from across the UK to join them on a 24-hour food marathon to visit Rungis, the world's biggest fresh produce market.

The trip, which is targeted at junior chefs, will include dinner in Paris and a tour of the world-famous Rungis Market at 3am when it opens for trading.

Managing director of Braehead Foods, Craig Stevenson, who regularly organises events to promote young talent in the industry, said: "Rungis Market is the world reference for wholesale produce. We work with chefs who are passionate about their produce and where it comes from, so we wanted them to see this incredible phenomenon.

"It will be a fun 24 hour trip of seeing one of the food wonders of the world, eating out in Paris and sharing the experience with like-minded people."

Rungis Market is spread over 232 hectares and is the major centre of commerce for chefs and food retailers from all over the world.

While Paris sleeps, lorries, trains and planes deliver fresh produce from over 1,400 meat, poultry, dairy, seafood, fruit, vegetable and flower companies in France and its neighbouring countries.

Some 20,000 customers, including chefs, retailers and wholesalers, come to Rungis Market to select from thousands of fresh products from Bresse chickens, calves' sweetbreads and shellfish to edible flowers, salad leaves and France's 246 cheeses.

Every day Rungis Market will supply more than 18m consumers.

Angus I'Anson of Gourmet Classic said: "This initial trip is really a scouting party, but we plan to repeat it on a monthly or annual basis to give young chefs - our head chefs of tomorrow - an opportunity to see this fantastic market first hand."

The trip to Rungis Market will take place between 5 and 6 June 2007, and is largely subsidised by Braehead Foods and Gourmet Classic.