Catering launch for Macsween

A leading haggis manufacturer is to launch a new range of catering product this September.

Macsween of Edinburgh has worked on the range over the past 18 months through extensive dialogue with customers, and the new catering packs will include traditional haggis, vegetarian haggis and black pudding.

A key improvement to the existing offering includes uniform sizing across the range, the company claimed. All are now 1.36kg in weight with a narrower diameter to facilitate slicing.

Other improvements include clearer product information, re-designed outer casing for ease of use and robust performance when re-heating, new information sheets and a selection of recipe ideas.

Jo Macsween, director, said: "Our research has shown us that there are many opportunities for branded, quality products such as Macsween haggis, which can bring an extra dimension to the catering offer."

Next year is set to be a record year for Burns Suppers and haggis consumption in general, as 2009 marks the 250th anniversary of Robert Burns' birth and the 25th anniversary of the first Macsween's vegetarian haggis.

For those consumers not wishing to eat haggis in a traditional form, the Macsween recipe ideas include: tortilla wraps, ciabatta with haggis filling, stuffed Portobello mushroom, haggis pakora, black pudding rosti and many more.