Iron levels in venison highest of all meats

New research has identified an easy way to get the maximum benefit from iron-rich foods, highlighting venison as the highest source of iron of all meats tested.

Dr Kelly Johnston, a nutritionist at Leatherhead Food International, which carried out the analysis, said: "Iron intakes from dietary sources in women in the UK are way below what is considered adequate. This study has shown venison has a significantly higher amount of iron per 100g when compared with other types of meat. As such, including venison as part of a healthy, balanced diet may help to improve the iron status of those women who currently don't get enough from their diet."

Test results showed venison contains 2.4mg of iron per 100g of meat, compared to 0.2mg in chicken and 1.4mg in beef. It also has 2 1/2 times as much iron as broccoli and spinach and the type of iron that venison contains, haem iron, is much more easily absorbed.

Alexia Robinson, of Game-to-Eat, added: "We have known for a long time that venison is not only delicious but also low in fat and good for you. This research on iron levels now gives all women another excellent reason to choose venison over other meat."