More money for school meals

The Government has an extra £240 million to go towards the improvement of school meals.

As part of the initiative to cut childhood obesity the education secretary announced the additional money would go to schools to help them pay towards healthier ingredients.

The money is to be paid on top of £220 million that was already pledged to schools and councils to support new food guidelines, which come into effect this week as schools return after their summer break.

Low-quality meat, fizzy drinks, crisps and chocolate will all be off the menu while pupils will get at least two portions of fruit and vegetables with every meal, with deep-fried food such as chips can restricted portions to twice a week.

"We're taking another big step to ensure parents know pupils will get the nutrients they need during the school day and that school cooks get the kitchens and training they need to deliver healthier food," said Secretary of State for Education, Alan Johnson.