AI Update: Row brews over exports

Defra is finding itself under fire in the media after it was revealed cooked turkey products from the Bernard Matthews facility at the heart of the bird flu outbreak in Suffolk were allowed to be exported to Hungary.

The products were exported after the virus had broken out, Hungary's chief vet Lajos Bognar claimed.

The government is defending its handling of the situation and said no regulations had been broken. It said that the EU allowed cooked poultry to be exported from an exclusion zone.

Bognar told Channel 4 that meat had left the Holton plant and arrived at Bernard Matthews' Hungarian site on either Wednesday or Thursday.

"I can say that from the protection zone, from the UK, six trucks arrived from there last week, to Hungary," he said.

Bernard Matthews operates both a farm and poultry processing unit at its site at Upper Holton in Suffolk. The farm was shut down immediately after the outbreak was suspected, but much of the processing business continued as usual.