Shambo slaughtered

For those following the saga of Shambo, the "sacred" bullock at the heart of a legal battle in Wales, the end has come. Shambo has been taken from his Skanda Vale temple and slaughtered, officials announced.

The news follows a three month legal fight after the six-year-old animal tested positive for bovine TB. The Welsh Assembly eventually won the fight and officials moved in yesterday.

Despite attempts to block the bull's removal by more than 100 worshippers at Llanpumsaint, Carmarthenshire, police were able to get through the human shield and Shambo was taken away for slaughter.

Hindu leaders are now reported to be seeking a meeting with Defra ministers, seeking reassurances about other temple animals.

Skanda Vale community leader Brother Alex told the BBC that, now Shambo had been taken away from them, a "nightmare" was just beginning for the Welsh assembly.

"Ignorant people have chosen to desecrate our temple... this is something that will resonate for generations in their lives," he said.