Climate change to be tackled by new industry-led taskforce

A major initiative to tackle farming's contribution to climate change is being launched by industry leaders at the Oxford Farming Conference tomorrow.

The National Farmers Union, Agricultural Industries Association and Country Land and Business Association are joining forces to promote ownership, understanding and change to minimise greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture.

The task force will identify adaptations as well as opportunities the industry can take to reduce its carbon footprint as well as continuing to produce a plentiful supply of high quality food.

NFU President Peter Kendall will unveil the project to industry leaders during the conference. "Climate change is one of the biggest challenges facing farmers and society as a whole and it is important we work across all sectors and with other industry leaders to promote change from within," he said.

"The farming community is more than ready to demonstrate responsibility and change where needed to tackle the challenges of climate change to ensure we remain economically and environmentally viable."