Bird flu: Tests negative on second farm

Tests have come back negative on the suspected second outbreak of avian influenza in Suffolk.

The cull of birds at Grove farm, within the AI control zone, is now complete, but tests have been returned as negative for AI on the premises.

To date, tests by Defra have shown no evidence of AI on any other premises than Redgrave Park farm. Four other farms, all belonging to Gressingham Foods, are being culled as a precautionary measure.

Remaining culls are due to take place today on Hill Meadow farm, followed by Stone House and Bridge farms, Gressingham Food reports

Geoffrey Buchanan, operations director with Gressingham said: "Defra has confirmed that the culling of all the birds at Grove farm is now complete. It has also informed us that the 30 dead turkeys, which rightly resulted in a raising of the status to slaughter on suspicion, have tested negative for avian influenza."