HACCPS do work says RMIF

The Red Meat Industry Forum has said that its workshops prove it is a misconception that new hygiene regulations HACCPs are over complicated and add little value to a business.

Feedback from those who have completed the new training has been very positive, said a spokeswoman for the RMIF"

James Kittow, from Kilhallon Quality Meats, who runs a newly built cutting plant in Cornwall which has its own retail butcher shop as well as supplying to top class restaurants, hotels and the National Trust said: "If you had mentioned HACCP to me 18 months ago I would have cringed. The project's approach is easy to grasp and I can now see HACCP as value adding. There is a better understanding by staff of how the business works and we have better control of our procedures through close monitoring. Involvement with the project has made us more proactive as opposed to reactive in the way we run our business."

Paul Bache, Food Training International FTI) Training Manager said that by changing attitudes to HACCP, it was hoped that implementation would be more efficient and beneficial through added value.

"Many company managers see HACCP in a negative light as it is a further legal requirement that adds cost to their businesses. The project offers the opportunity to demonstrate the benefits that a well-run HACCP plan can have on a red meat business."

Martin Grantley-Smith, general manager RMIF said: "Good hygiene procedures along with an effective HACCP system are thefoundation required for business development and growth."