BPEX farm assurance work

A three-year project focusing on adding value to farm assurance is being led by the British Pig Executive (BPEX)

. The project will examine the feasibility and benefits of health and welfare outcomes within Assured British Pigs (ABP) scheme inspections and will include some on-farm observations.

Other objectives include:

¦ The ability of the assessment to add value for producers

¦ Help in optimising health and minimising costs

¦ Improving welfare assurance

¦ Maintaining the UK's competitive position

¦ Maximising compliance with legislation.

BPEX director of pig industry development, Mark Wilson, said: "We will be rapidly disseminating lessons learnt to stakeholders including ABP, Assured Food Standards, DEFRA, National Pig Association and, where relevant, directly to ABP assessors within certification bodies." He added they would include retailers in dissemination discussions to be sure they were aware that high standards of welfare in the UK continued to set the country apart.

The project is being carried out by Dr David Main at Bristol University in collaboration with Professor Sandra Edwards at Newcastle University and Richard Campbell, chairman of ABP.