Core Aims of QMS Remain Despite Change In Status
Published:  05 February, 2007

There will be little difference to the way Quality Meat Scotland (QMS) is run on a daily basis the organisation's chief executive, 'Uel Morton claimed despite it becoming a non department public body (NDPB) from April 2008.

It was confirmed last week that QMS will change its status from a private, non-profit making company limited by guarantee, to a NDPB as a result of a UK-wide review of all agricultural horticultural levy funded organisations conducted by Professor Rosemary Radcliffe in 2005 with the results published last summer.

It is likely that there will be some rationalisation in the administration of the levy boards, while the Meat and Livestock Commission (MLC) will disappear in its present form on 1 April 2008.

The Scottish Executive has decided that the best interests of levy payers north of the Border would be served by transforming QMS into a publicly accountable body.

Morton said: "We already enjoy a good working relationship with the Scottish Executive Environment and Rural Affairs Department and we expect little discernible difference in the day to day running of QMS and the kind of activities that we undertake on behalf of levy payers following our change of status.

"Our core aim remains the same, to help Scottish red meat businesses become more efficient and profitable as we work in an increasingly competitive global marketplace."