Storm over document wording

HAGGIS PRODUCERS are fuming after a nutritional attack on their national dish.

The Scottish Executive's new guidance for children under-five warned schools that the product was as unhealthy as chicken nuggets and 'turkey twizzlers'.

The wording has not gone down well with the Scottish Federation of Meat Traders, which has challenged the SE, through chief executive Douglas Scott, to change the wording so that 'haggis' is not mentioned in the same sentence as 'chicken nuggets'. Mr Scott said that, although it probably would not affect sales, the federation objected on principle.

"In moderation, haggis is a nutritional meal and doesn't have the same levels of fat as chicken nuggets, but if you're giving it to kids under five, you're doing pretty well." Jonathan Crombie, at Crombies of Edinburgh, said sales hadn't been affected but felt aggrieved that haggis had been lumped with chicken nuggets. "We've reduced the amount of fat in our haggis by half since we fi rst started making them, as well as cut salt." First minister, Jack McConnell said children should only eat haggis in moderation because of its high fat and salt content but assured butchers that haggis would not be banned for children.