Humanely does it - model farms nearer

An international Farmwatch campaign has been launched by The World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) to improve conditions and outlaw cruel practices for farm animals, starting in Brazil and China, two of the world's biggest meat producing


Farmwatch will work with the Oxford-based Food Animal Initiative (FAI) to establish model farms in developing countries.

On its working farm FAI has developed ways to produce high quality meat and eggs humanely, as audited by Oxford University researchers. 

Peter Davies, director general of WSPA, said: "While the European Union slowly legislates to improve conditions for farm animals, intensive factory farming is exploding in the developing world."

The UN Food and Agriculture Organisation estimate 4bn animals and 55bn poultry are currently farmed every year.

Davies added: "These animals are caged, chained or crammed and forced to grow super-fast, pumped full of antibiotics and pushed to their physical limits in the quest for ever more meat, milk or eggs."

Roland Bonney, director of FAI, said: "WSPA has asked us to work with them in developing model farms appropriate to local conditions for chickens, pigs and cows.  With these farms we will endeavour to improve animal welfare by providing training, inspiration and guidance to farmers involved in animal husbandry."

As well as establishing model farms the WSPA Farmwatch campaign will lobby key decision makers in Brazil and China, provide ongoing training in humane slaughter and monitor the situation in slaughterhouses..