Meat Traceability growing concern for consumers
Published:  16 March, 2007

British consumers are now demanding traceable meat according to latest food industry figures from TNS.

The research shows UK shoppers spent almost £16.3m more on traceable 'farm assured' Scotch Beef during 2006, up 9% from 2005.

According to TNS, this trend looks likely to grow as more people ask where their meat is from and how it was treated before it reached their shopping trolley or dinner plate.

The research said increasing numbers of restaurants and celebrity chefs were using and promoting traceable meat on their menus - and might be fuelling the trend - but as a consumer it was not always that easy to tell where your meat had come from.

QMS chairman, Donald Biggar, said: "It is now becoming more of a priority to get meat from a British supplier that can guarantee the standards of animal traceability, care, feeds and transport.

"To produce Scotch Beef, producers have to adhere to very strict rules and only cattle born, raised and slaughtered in Scotland and that have been assured from birth can labelled as Scotch."

He added that because the welfare of the animal, its production history, inspections and standards of the meat could be guaranteed, traceable meat was proving increasingly popular with consumers, who knew exactly what they were getting when they bought Scotch Beef.