Industry requires fellowship candidates

The Red Meat Industry Forum is looking for 15 to 20 candidates to take up its bespoke Cranfield Fellowship in Manufacturing Management.

The 15 month specialist executive programme targeted at future leaders of the red meat industry across Europe, aims to offer continuous improvement in a business.

The Fellowship in Manufacturing Management for the Red Meat Industry will build on existing courses held at Cambridge, Cranfield and Roskilde, and will provide the next generation of meat leaders, who would be able to generate more profitability., said Paul Jose, RMIF Operations Manager.

"The model has been tried and tested in Cranfield and Cambridge for 20 years on the existing course and has been proven to work," added Mr Jose.

Candidates who take up the course will be given nine weeks of tuition and 15 months of mentoring plus access to a peer network.

Paul Jose said that companies putting candidates through the course could fully expect them to deliver benefits within the period of the course to four-to-five times multiple of the course fee, which is around £20,000.

The Fellowship, which was launched at the RMIF Forum in London at the beginning of November, has attracted substantial interest from European players, according to Mr Jose. "I think it is because having the Danes in Roskilde on board will give us the red meat focus to help reinforce learning in the red meat sector."

He added that while Cranfield and Cambridge provided knowledge and effectiveness, the Danish Meat Trade College in Roskilde had facilities second to none. "It allows us to teach candidates how to manage yield in a world class facility. In Roskilde students can do a simulation of data measurement and so it is not just pure theory about building a model."

Mr Jose said he had done the existing Cranfield fellowship and had found it priceless. "The learning and networking it provides is something I will continue to use for the rest of my career. I fully expect the same benefits to be realised by the participants in this tailored fellowship for the red meat industry."