Burger company is Wiltshire's Outstanding supplier of the year

The Local Authority Catering Association has voted Wiltshire-based burger company Pure Organics its Outstanding Supplier of the Year.

This was due to its contract with Hampshire County Council to provide (in the wake of BSE) traceable organic burgers in 550 primary schools.

Pure Organics sourced the meat locally from beef producer Pother Valley as Hampshire Council was keen to source meat from its home county.

"It's a small farm with small output," said Pauline Stiles, owner of Pure Organics, "and it wasn't financially viable for us to send in an articulated lorry to collect 250kg of meat every week.

"So we bought ourselves our own little freezer van to do this link. We go and pick up their meat and, when we have enough for a decent-sized production run - one or two tonnes - we make our Hampshire beefburgers."

She added that this put £100,00 a year back into the county's economy as well as cutting down on fuel consumption and food miles. "The kids are thrilled to have burgers made from Hampshire beef," said Ms Stiles.

"They are going to visit the farm and understand the connection between those animals in the field and how they end as a burger on their plate. It's our contribution towards helping kids get more in touch with where food comes from."