Flying Pigs get a boost after enterprise award

TWO NEW branded catering vehicles are now on the road and driving an outside events catering business venture forward at Eastbrook Farms Organic Meat in Bishopstone.

Known as Helen Browning's organic Flying Pig the company was awarded an Enterprise Award from the Home Grown Cereals Authority (HGCA) to help fund the vehicles as part of a scheme to increase the use of UK-produced grain in businesses.

Eastbrook was awarded £15,000 for its project, which was predicted to use an extra 1000 tonnes of UK grain over its three year course. It sells branded organic pork products to major supermarkets and was awarded the grant to help take its products to a number of events including horse races, motor races, concerts and agricultural events. The vans offer high quality organic products such as bacon sandwiches, sausages and burgers. In addition, one van visits supermarkets during quieter periods, offering samples, coupons and promotional literature.

Managing Director Tim Finney said the Flying Pig's greatest success to date was at the First Ashes Test at Lords Cricket Ground in July 2005. Over a two-hour period, it sold 25kg of streaky bacon and 20kg of 80 per cent pork sausage equating to 1.36 tonnes of grain per hour. The only food provider at Lords selling speci?cally UK bacon, it went on to serve customers at an impressive rate of 350 per hour.

Mr Finney was said: "The Enterprise Award has been invaluable to us. It has helped us to attain this level of service by giving us the funds to attend more major events, and to perfect our performance at them. Alongside our branded marketing work with supermarkets, we have been able to far exceed our expectations for extra grain usage. Most importantly, we are con?dent that this level of extra usage is sustainable in the future."

Through all of its branded marketing work, including the Flying Pig project, Eastbrook Farms has increased its supply of streaky bacon to Sainsbury's by 250 per cent and is now supplying bacon and sausages to around 400 stores in total, compared to 160 previously.