All about beef

A group of top chefs have been finding out about the origins of the beef they serve on their menus during a trip to the north east.

The visit was organised by Inverurie-based Scotch Premier Meat and its customer, Aubrey Allen Butchers of Coventry, in a bid to help chefs learn more about the production of beef.

A series of meetings and visits took place during the three-day excursion including trips to George Ritch's East Fingask Farm at Oldmeldrum, Ballindalloch Castle, the Royal Lochnagar Distillery on Deeside and Scotch Premier Meat Ltd's premises on Inverurie's North Street.

Commenting on the visit, Scotch Premier Meat managing director Raymond Wight said: "These 'farm to fork' visits always prove immensely popular with chefs as its gives them the chance to enhance their knowledge of beef production. They are also very useful for us because we are able to meet the people using the end product and find out more about their requirements."

Peter Allen, of Aubrey Allen, said: "This gives our clients the opportunity to understand why Scotch beef is the best in the world and such visits always lead to increased sales."