Bernard Matthews Restrictions due to end

Restrictions are due to be lifted on Monday at the Bernard Matthews plant in Suffolk which was at the centre of last month's bird flu outbreak.

According to a BBC report the UK's chief vet said it marked the end of "active disease control" at the site, as long as no traces of the virus were detected over the weekend.

Movement of poultry will now be allowed in the area around the Holton plant, as will bird fairs and markets.

Restrictions were eased on 1 March, when the 3km exclusion zone around the plant was lifted, meaning turkeys no longer had to kept indoors, but there remained a 10km surveillance zone in place while investigations continued.

The last of the control measures will be relaxed from one minute past midnight on Monday, final checks permitting, the report said.

Chief veterinary officer, Debby Reynolds, said there was still much work to be done at the site.

"We will continue to investigate the source of the virus introduction and endeavour to learn from this outbreak to help us prevent and manage similar situations in the future," she said in the report.