Scots paying more for their pork

Scots consumers spent £47m on fresh pork last year - a 5% jump on the year before, according to Quality Meat Scotland (QMS).

The rise in value sales was backed by an increase in volume sales with over 10,000t of fresh pork being bought by shoppers - 600t up on what was being sold in 2004.

Charting the progress of the drive by QMS to build the Scottish pig sector's share of the market, chief executive, 'Uel Morton said: "What these latest figures reveal is not only are Scots buying and eating more pork, they're prepared to pay more for their pork as well.

"In fact the increase in value sales has outstripped that for volume for the first time since 2004 suggesting that more and more Scots now appreciate its taste, quality and versatility.

"This is excellent news for our pig farmers and processors who have listened carefully to their customers and made the necessary changes in their production systems to supply the product they want."

The vast majority of fresh pork in Scotland is marketed and sold under the Specially Selected Pork brand. Of all the GB countries Scotland stands alone in showing an increase in purchase frequency - up 4% over the last 12 months.

Pork has proved particularly popular in Scotland's independent butcher sector, with a 9% volume increase over the last 12 months.

QMS is channelling its marketing activities into a Scotland-wide radio campaign, backed up by in store sample tastings. Independent consumer research indicates that more and more Scots now regard pork as a healthy option at meal times - 84% see health as a key theme, a 24% rise on last year.