Votes flood in for St George's Day heroes

More than 100 potential "heroes" from all round the country have already been nominated in celebration of St George's Day on April 23.

Spearheaded by England cricketer Ian Botham, the search for 'heroes' who do more than their fair share to help the community is being organised by the English Beef and Lamb Executive (EBLEX).

Nominations for the 13 St George's Heroes along with some new beef recipes can be found on the website: www.stgeorgesheroes.co.uk or nominations can be made by calling the St George hotline on 020 7861 3129.

Botham said: "I believe St George's Day gives us a great opportunity to recognise and reward the people who help make this country great.

"That's why I am looking for those people across England who make their community a better place and who deserve to be celebrated for their contribution."

The winners will receive bursary prizes of £2,000 and the person nominating them wins a two-night luxury break for two in London, which includes a night at a medieval English banquet.