Are you a young leader?

Meat bosses are looking for the next generation of leaders to drive the industry forward.

The Red Meat Industry Forum (RMIF) in partnership with Cranfield University, Cambridge University and The Danish Meat Trade College have created an accelerated management development programme for tomorrow's leaders in the red meat industry.

The programme is aimed at providing the necessary skills to drive change and improvements in every area of a business and is based on the Queen's award-winning fellowship in manufacturing management, which Cranfield has run for over 30 years.

The modular design of the programme means candidates do not need to be away from their job for long.

They will be given projects to undertake on top of their normal role, which will put the learning into practice as soon as they return to work. While at work they will be supported by a Cranfield accredited coach.

There are seven modules spaced out over 18 months. Topics include strategic management, slaughtering, deboning, further processing, technology and innovation management and lean production.

According to Martin Grantley-Smith, RMIF chief executive: "The course will give a fantastic chance for those who are keen to learn key skills to drive business improvement in the red meat industry.

"RMIF has proven there is potential for enormous savings in the industry by improving business practices and eliminating waste."

12 -16 candidates are expected to start the programme on July 9th at Cranfield from the UK's major meat processors. The course is open to all and there are a few places still available.

Please contact Christine Walsh on 01908 844191 if you are interested.