BPEX man moves to Vion UK

Mark Wilson has been appointed agriculture director of Vion UK's pork business unit.

Wilson is currently director of pig industry development with BPEX and Vion is hoping the announcement will underline its commitment to the UK market.

The company said Wilson's experience would add real value as it plans to develop its supply chain communications with UK pig farmers and customers, and adopt best practice using the lessons learned from its Dutch farm supply operations to enhance its UK offer.

Bill Thurston, managing director of the Vion UK pork business unit, said: "We have always been seen as just importers of Dutch meat but now we are part of the United Kingdom pig industry with a feed mill and 5,000 sows of our own.

"In appointing Mark Wilson, we have brought in someone who can have a serious relationship with producers, which goes beyond the solely trading relationships that existed in the past and extends to technical and innovative expertise.

"Our major retail customers have shown a lot of interest in the appointment and how it can help develop the industry."